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Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information within this website, Howarth of London Ltd wishes to stress that the prices of items for sale and other services detailed are reviewed regularly and thus the information given may be subject to alteration. Closed to Customers until further notice due to Covid Price Inc VAT. New Instruments Oboe Family. Oboe d'Amore.

bassoons for sale

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bassoons for sale

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bassoons for sale

Gift Ideas. Oboe Repairs. Bassoon Repairs. Clarinet Repairs. Saxophone Repairs. Shop - Mailorder - Admin. Manufacturing - Shop. Bassoons Currency:. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls. Helena St. Bassoon French Bassoon Contrabassoon. Howarth Tenoroon Limited Stock Sounding a 4th higher than a full size bassoon.

Adler Model P Bassoon Adler??? Amati Vantage Children's bassoon. Heyday's Fagonello new Children's bassoon! Short Reach.Bernd Moosmann Background Information. Moosmann bassoons are manufactured by Bernd Moosmann in Waiblingen, Germany, which is located just outside of Stuttgart.

After the war, the Kohlert Co. InAlbert Moosmann started his own woodwind manufacturing company building German system clarinets, oboes, flutes and bassoons.

Bernd Moosmann started as an apprentice in After three years as an apprentice under his fathers watchful eye, Bernd Moosmann completed his examination and began work as a full fledged instrument maker in his fathers shop, specializing in the bassoon. InBernd Moosmann took his Masters examination and became a Master craftsman! There they started making the Moosmann bassoon. He took the basic Kohlert bassoon and with what he learned from his father and through years of his own education and experience, he transformed the Kohlert bassoon into the Moosmann bassoon.

InBernd became the sole owner of the Moosmann Company. Over the years, he has made many changes to his instruments with the assistance of Georg ter Voert and many of his other artists from around the world. They also produce two series of bocals, the "Interpret" and "Excellent" series.

All of Bernd Moosmann's products are a result of over 50 years of experience and research, and are carefully crafted in his modern facility in Waiblingen. They are built by a team of 16 German craftsmen, dedicated to produce the finest instruments available in the world today! The American models are a result of extensive refinements to the basic and series models.

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American professional players and repair technicians have looked at every aspect of these bassoons and made recommendations to Bernd. He has incorporated these changes and the results are bassoons that have the qualities that American bassoonists demand! Although the model numbers appear to be similar to the European Moosmann models, the American versions have many different features and technologies incorporated. Each Moosmann bassoon is manufactured out of mountain maple.

The wood that Bernd selects is grown in Yugoslavia's Bosnia region. The maple grows very slowly in this high altitude region, giving the wood a very compact and dense structure.

Because of this, bassoons made out of this wood have excellent resonance and projection. It is rough cut and stored for aging in a temperature controlled room for approximately 5 years. It is then roughed into the four basic parts of the bassoon and stored for an additional 2 years.

When it is time for manufacturing process to begin, the wood is soaked in a oil based solution until every pore is thoroughly saturated. This oil bath protects the bassoon from deterioration. This variety is made up of alternating rings of soft and hard sections of wood. It is extremely difficult to work with but provides the bassoon with much more volume and projection characteristics. It is so difficult that Bernd is the only manufacturer to use this variety and he has to keep a toolmaker on staff in order to maintain the types of tools required to work with this wood.Javascript is required for some features of the website to work correctly.

Due to new regulations from the Alameda County Health Officer, Forrests Music's brick and mortar store will be closed until further notice. As of now March 16, orders will be shipped daily.

If you have an upcoming repair appointment please call us at for instructions.

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All instruments go through our detailed new instrument set up procedure. We insist on flawless pads, properly installed, and equally flawless tone hole facings. We check the mechanism for proper fit, because even a perfect pad will not seal properly when the keywork has excess play. Then the instrument is adjusted, and the spring tension is regulated for comfortable fingering. After that is done the play testing begins; voicing and intonation corrections are made when necessary.

All this assures our instruments will reward their players with superior performance for years with a minimum of regular maintenance. Forrests offers a free follow up service within about a month of delivery, with costs limited to shipping. We deliver the same mechanical perfection on all of our instruments, from intermediate models to the finest professional instruments. Our prices are competitive, and commensurate with keeping a stock of well serviced instruments. Please give is a call at for prices.

We think our instruments are the best, but of course everybody says that! To make it as easy as possible for you to make sure you select the best instrument, Forrests makes all stock instruments available for a one week trial plus 2 days shipping time each way. Shipping and insurance will be charged to the customer's credit card. During the trial period the customer accepts full responsibility for loss or damage. After the trial period the instrument must be returned or purchased and paid for in full.

Once an instrument has been purchased, after trial, the sale is final and the instrument is not returnable. This Service Certificate is not offered to institutional purchasers.

Schools, colleges, military, etc.We are working in this times. Only some delay coarsed by the virus sticking on metal parts like silverplated keys. New repairs and maintenance can be accepted in May again. This bassoon is completely restored. New varnish, new silver plating and a huge update on the bore for a great modern sound.

Adler Sonora This instrument has a C bell and an A bell. It comes with a flight case and a gigbag and two bocals. This bassoon is played by the solo bassoon of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in The Netherlands until his retirement It is a proven very good bassoon.

It has lots of rollers and is in a perfect condition! Heckel with the famous Enzo Mucceti system.

Gebrüder Mönnig Wooden Bassoon, Germany sale on Ebay

Also called World System. The keys were mistreated by a former repairman but the sound is really good. We will go on for some more years but it is time for passing on my knowledge to the new generation.

I'll help allround repair wo men, or starting repair wo men, to get a better understanding with the special bassoon issues. Mail me if you are interested. Why us. Bassoon Musketeers. Bassoon Web Shop. Click here for all information. Direct contact. Heckel This bassoon is completely restored. Hifh D and high E. A great professional bassoon. Contact Maarten. Contrabassoon Adler Sonora. Heckel Heckel with the famous Enzo Mucceti system.

Go to www.Wear this funny bassoon t-shirt apparel outfit clothing accessory gift when using bassoon musical instrument, bassoon reeds medium soft or hard, reed case 6, swab, reed kit synthetic or plastic, reed plaque, bassoon tube cane case. Makes a great bassoon musical instrument player Vintage Lesher bassoon that has been checked over by my repairman, He cleaned it, hand polished it, adjusted and tested it.

Although he is not a bassoon player he feels sure it is ready to play. Some varnish is rubbed off as seen in photos. This Professional Fox Model Wood bassoon is ready to go and in amazing condition It has a serial number in the range, dating its production to The short bore design gives this instrument a wonderful singing character, especially in the middle and upper register It is in new condition.

Barely played a few times. For sale is a Fox professional Wood Bassoon. This bassoon has just been professionally serviced. The pads have been replaced and the bassoon has been serviced to the utmost extent. This bassoon is in outstanding condition and it is extremely well taken care of.


This bassoon For sale is a very recent Fox Renard Model Wood bassoon in great condition. For sale is an all-Wood Fox BassoonModel with new pads, a C Bocal a hard protective case Fox originally produced this instrument in and has just been overhauled with new pads and the keywork polished to a shine. The instrument plays extremely well, and has a great Up for sale is a two-owner Fox Renard Model Bassoon along with everything you need to start playing - just add a reed I purchased this bassoon from the original owner in and immediately sent it to the woodwind experts at Ellis Music in Bethel, Vermont for a complete This is a model 71,the second highest-level bassoon that Schreiber makes, nd is a spectacular insturment.

Comparable to the highest level Fox, Puchner, Moosmann or Heckel, this bassoon is appropriate for anyone from a fine bassoon Excellent condition Fox Renard Artist Model bassoon.

It was purchased inI am the sole owner, and the bassoon has been recently serviced by RS Woodwinds in San Diego. Selmers Bundy student model wood bassoonmade in USA, in good condition. Basic student model, it has great tone, and is keyed in a very easy to learn standard German key layout.

Just serviced with new corks, and regulation, ready for orchestra playing. Attractive deep red Bought the wrong book for my kid for school band, so hopefully someone can take advantage of my mistake. Fox is the best American maker of bassoons and oboes, and the is their flagship model for the Renard line.

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Fox39s manufacturing is excellent. Intonation is very good, action feels good, and these bassoons sound Used student model bassoon. Light chipping near base, doesnt not affect seal of key pad. Light wear but still in good shape.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

New Arrival. MOQ: 1 Piece. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location.

Order : OK. Ready to Ship. BusinessType China cheap bassoon. Contact Supplier. High Quality Cheap lightweight microphone stand stand and toy microphone stand mic. Music cheap plastic instrument colorful samba whistle.

Making the sample until you are satisfied with it. Cylinder shape professional instruments bassoon case. High quality cheap toy kids hand tambourines. After so many years in exportingwe are really professional in manufacturing, exporting, serving and so on. And after sale, we also provide after sale serive, so our customer do not worry about it.

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We will finish product appearance design, structure and texture design, package design, and sample making for you, and make sure the products pass related state compulsory standard inspections or 3rd-party inspections.

Our factory's main products are clarinets, flutes, saxophone, piccolo, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, euphonium, trombone, cornet and so on.

Bassoon Sales

No matter where you are from,no matter how many instruments you need,we promise to offer the best quality products to you. High Quality Cheap adjustable microphone stand partssennheiser wireless microphone. Q:What about the leading time9 A:In general, the leading time is about 25 to 35 days. Q:How about the packing and shipping9 A:Normaly, we have carton and bubble pack for packaging.

If you have any other special requirements, please feel free to contact with us. Bassoon JBSS Professional Colored maple wood Silver plated keys Bassoon. BA Cheap Super Maple bassoon.The post was designed for band directors, college class woodwinds courses, and buyers needing consistent high quality instruments in a hurry.

Brand New Nobel and Fox Renard instruments are available for purchase with the ease of a phone call and a credit card, offering delivery of a New Instrument within days. Moving forward in the series, this week I would like to take a look at Used Bassoons. Mass Market instruments are perfect to start beginners, fantastic for music programs that are looking for low maintenance instruments.

But plastic will never resonate or vibrate with the tone colors quite like a maple wood bassoon can. For buyers looking to buy their own personal instrument, a maple wood bassoon is often desired for tone colors and artistic potential. And, it definitely offered a greater variety of tone colors than the plastic instruments I tried.

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This is part of my reason for giving the Nobel Wood Composite Bassoon a solid recommendation in my previous post. And there is no fear of Moisture Damage because the Nobel PVNB1W is made of wood composite, features a lined bore, and lined tone holes that protrude into the bore.

bassoons for sale

But for bassoonists looking to buy a bassoon, swab and service it regularly- there is nothing quite like a Good Maple Bassoon. Many of these instruments do not have the modern lined finger tone holes.

Unlined Tone Holes in a used bassoon can lead to moisture damage wood rot if the joint is not swabbed after each use. He is generous with his knowledge and experience in working with all brands of bassoons. If a bassoon is not manufactured well Chad can spend hours, days and sometimes weeks trying to rectify the initial poor quality.

The challenges of a cheaply made instrument are sometimes simply not worth the trouble or the long-term added repair costs. I take these steps because an instrument is an investment- it is important to look into potential resale challenges Prior to Buying. And a Used Bassoon means a previous Owner or Owners. Previous owners might not have taken the care you would have preferred while the bassoon was in their possession. I am consciously choosing to not discuss a few brands you may be familiar with.

I do not mention these brands in order to stay true to My Goal of Affordable Quality without Distraction. Comparisons in the Affordable Instrument Series are created only to inform and aid in matching the best bassoon to the individual needs of the music program and bassoonist.

When looking for a Quality Used Bassoon I start with the instrument brand. Then I follow up with information on the model number and serial numbers. It is not a guarantee but it can aid in narrowing the initial search when hunting for an Affordable Quality Used Bassoon.

Every now and then I have come across a good Schreiber Bassoon. But it is worth noting that the manufacturing of Schreiber Bassoons has been inconsistent over the years. The Schreiber company changed ownership quite often and quality was not always maintained. I must admit that I love the older instruments for their unique features — like plastic bell rings that were originally off white. Over time the plastic has aged and turned orange! Like all bassoons I have on trial, I like to try Schreiber Bassoons with multiple bocals.

This allows me to get a sense of and feel for any inconsistencies when playing up and down the chromatic scale. I can also explore tone, intonation, and stability, especially on notes that need venting. Whenever I start the hunt for a Quality Affordable Used Bassoon- the first brand and model of instrument I try to find is a gently used Fox Renard High D and High E keys can always be added to the Renard for a small fee.

And the lined bore and lined tone holes mean there is minimal chance of wood rot!

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